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Risk to Succeed Inc


Risk to Succeed Inc. is a fully sponsored innovative program designed to guide & mentor high school students for successful and fulfilling futures. Participants can expect to finish with a clarified sense of their interests and skills in order to facilitate career and personal success.

The program consists of a series of workshops led by successful entrepreneur and author Ricky Cohen, building upon his newly published book, Risk to Succeed.

Each participating organization will receive one live session given by Ricky in a classroom setting, followed by a series of optional webinars available for viewing at any time. Prior to the kick-off session, every participating student and faculty member will be given a complimentary copy of Cohen’s new book, Risk to Succeed.

Risk to Succeed and Ricky Cohen

Risk to Succeed Inc. is based on the book, Risk to Succeed: Essential Lessons for Discovering Your Unique Talents and Finding Success by Ricky Cohen (Published by: McGraw-Hill, Nov 2012). Written as a business parable, Risk to Succeed summarizes the insights presented in seminars and workshops that have enabled men and women to build successful careers over the last three decades.

Ricky Cohen, Chairman and CEO of The Conway Organization, a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and educator. Cohen combines three decades in education with the successful leadership of retail, real estate and hospitality companies. He has helped scores of entrepreneurs launch their own entrepreneurial efforts, and has guided hundreds of men and women to maximize their career opportunities. Cohen has built and rebuilt companies through three recessions and dramatically changing business cycles.

Ricky Cohen has the ability to speak to the individual in a room of a thousand people, leaving attendees with new knowledge, a high level of motivation, and the tools to actualize what they’ve learned.


The Risk to Succeed Inc. program includes the following:

1.     A complimentary copy of the Risk to Succeed book that will be given to each participant.

2.     2 hour workshop in the classroom (based on the outline below) presented by Ricky Cohen.

3.     A series of optional 60-minute webinars available to view online.

4.     Downloadable supplemental materials to facilitate the webinars.

Expected Outcomes

Risk to Succeed Inc. will enable each participant to:

Articulate his/her true career interests

Identify core skills needed to begin and perpetuate career success

Own the tools to actualize career direction - including risk taking and dealing with disappointments and setbacks

Understand the underlying strategic approaches to the job and entrepreneurial markets

Secure the practices and paradigms for consistent, long term success